Attorney: Broward woman's mail-in ballot missing Amendment 2

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A Broward County voter says her mail-in ballot did not include Amendment 2, which allows for the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida, according to Miami FOX affiliate, WSVN

Photos of the multi-page ballot show it skips from Amendment 1 on the first page, to Amendment 3 on the second page. There is a blank space above Amendment 3 where, presumably, Amendment 2 would have been printed. 

This is the only case of the amendment's absence on a mail-in ballot reported, so far, and the woman's lawyer hopes to get the case to a judge before election day to ensure there aren't others who mailed their ballots without realizing the error. 

The woman's lawyer, Norm Kent, told WSVN he filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client Thursday, adding that if there's one ballot missing the amendment, there could be more.  

WSVN contacted Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes, but did not get a response. She was quoted in the Sun Sentinel as saying mistakes can happen when dealing with "this much paper and this many people," but she had not been told of any other cases of the missing amendment.

Meanwhile, attorney Norm Kent warned mail-in ballot voters to triple check the document before sending it in.