Authorities search for driver who led them on high-speed chase after burglarizing hobby shop

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Authorities are continuing to search for a driver who led FHP troopers on a high-speed chase through two counties not long after burglarizing a hobby shop in Hillsborough County. 

A band of thieves were caught on camera breaking into Daniels Hobbies in Lutz early Friday morning. 

Security footage from inside the store captured the suspects using a hammer to break the glass on the front door. The thieves loaded up their vehicles with over $10,000 dollars worth of remote control planes and cars. 

"They stole a couple 'Xmaxx's, these are big trucks. They're $899, and then you have to get batteries and chargers. We had two of these that were sitting out on display so customers could see them, and they stole both of these," said Kurt Gornek, the owner of Daniels Hobbies. 

The brazen crime lasted mere minutes, but the damage was drastic.

"When you see it just blatantly destroyed for no other reason than for someone to steal from you, it hits, it hits hard," Gornek said. 

However, the bold thieves didn't make it very far. The suspects were interrupted mid-getaway by Florida Highway Patrol. 

The SUV led troopers on a chase from Polk County all the way to Osceola County. The suspect's vehicle reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour before they were finally brought to a stop by a PIT maneuver.  

The driver was able to escape on foot, but troopers were able to capture two suspects hidden beneath thousands of dollars worth of stolen loot.  

It wasn't hard to link the thieves back to the break-in in Hillsborough County as their antics were caught on camera from all angles. Daniels Hobbies had been hit before, and this time they were prepared.  

"We already bumped up our security from the last round. If they want in, they're going to get in, it's a matter of how much can you minimize that loss," Gornek said. 

Daniels Hobbies may have been hit hard, but they say they'll bounce back -- adding that they'll sleep a little easier tonight knowing justice will be served.