Beloved Seminole firefighter praised for ‘heroic actions’ dies

The Seminole Fire Rescue Department is mourning the loss of one of their own.

According to the SFRD, Lt. Brendon Holcomb, a 14-year veteran of the agency, has passed away.

In a social media post, the department stated, "His love for our profession, his community, and his fellow firefighters was exhibited with a palpable energy that will not be soon forgotten."

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Holcomb was most recently awarded the Department Medal of Honor for his heroic actions at the scene of an overturned vehicle in a body of water.

Credit: Seminole Fire Rescue Department

Credit: Seminole Fire Rescue Department

The department added that Lt. Holcomb’s death shocked not only its staff but impacted other departments across the country because he was well-known throughout the fire community.

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"While our Seminole Firefighters and staff are absolutely heartbroken, we remain steadfast with the same commitment to our great profession and the mission Lt. Holcomb was proud to call his own. See you on the roof," the department stated online.

SFRD did not mention how Lt. Holcomb died. 

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