Big changes could be on the way for Beer Can Island

Pine Key, better known to locals as Beer Can Island, could be in store for some big changes.  A group of local business partners have purchased the land with the hopes of making improvements, including adding their floating bar.

Cole Weaver and his partners recently purchased the island for just over $60,000.

“The main reason we looked into it was because we just needed a place to park our boat,” said Weaver.

Weaver’s plans call for more than just a boat, though, he’s talking about Tiki Bay Island Floating Bar being permanently re-located to the island.

It’s not a done deal yet; the group still needs to get the proper permits before everything is a go. Weaver says they are hoping to keep the same rustic feel.

“Just a facility for people to come to and enjoy . We’re not trying to do anything big or crazy.”

If all goes to plan, the group is hoping everything is up and running by March.