Children of accused double murderer take stand

The Lester Ross Jr. trial continued in Polk County on Wednesday.

FOX 13 was there as the state called relatives of the accused double murderer to testify against him.

Prosecutors said Ross killed his 3-year-old daughter MaSarah. When the girl's mom, Ronkeya Holmes, came looking for her, Ross allegedly poisoned her.

On Wednesday, several of Ross' children, who live in Georgia, took the stand.

The state asked them to remember back to the summer of 2009, when they were visiting their dad in Winter Haven. Their half-sister MaSarah was also supposed to be there.

"Do you know MaSarah?" Assistant State Attorney Paul Wallace asked 14-year-old Italia Ross, the defendant's daughter.

"No," she responded.

"Did you ever see this young girl," Wallace asked as he showed Italia a photograph.

"No," she replied.

It was an apparent attempt by the state to suggest that MaSarah was already dead, and hidden in Ross' freezer.

Under cross examination, Italia said she could not remember if she had seen MaSarah.

The trial continues on Thursday.