Cleaning hacks that actually work

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Cleaning the house is no fun and spending lots of money on cleaning products makes it worse, so we put some popular cleaning hacks to the test to save you time and money.

From bread to vinegar to olive oil, some common household items may hold the key to keeping your house clean and your wallet full.

The first task we tackled is a broken glass. Picking up the bigger pieces is easy. A broom will catch most of the smaller ones.

But you probably don't even see the tiny shards left behind. 

The hack for this problem is bread. Use it like a sticky mitt to blot up the smallest grains.

Next, we're going to clean that gross, crusty blender. Fill it with a small pump of soap and halfway with warm water.

Then use the blender to spin it clean.

Is the cabinet under your sink filled with cleaners for specific items in your home? Don't waste another dine on cleaners for granite or stainless steel.

White vinegar mixed 50-50 with water will do the trick and if you don't want it to smell, you can add some fresh herbs or essential oils, like lavender or lemon.

The mixture cleans and glosses granite and the acidity kills bacteria and counteracts build-up, like hard water stains.

Vinegar is also great for clogged water fixtures like faucets and shower heads. Tie a plastic baggie filled with white vinegar around the fixture or spray it directly on the marks.

The water/vinegar spray works well on stainless steel appliances, too.

You can also use a dab of olive oil on a microfiber towel for stubborn finger marks or little scratches.

Finally, let's be done with dirty blinds, or dusters that clean the blinds but redeposit dust on everything else.

Use an old sock like a glove to easily dust the slats.This trick also works great on ridged baseboards.