Colleges crackdown on parties during pandemic, suspend students, fraternities 

For better or worse, ‘huge-parties’ have long been a part of the college-experience and old habits die hard. Colleges and universities across the state are cracking down on these sorts of “large-gatherings” in this new era of COVID-19

From suspensions to arrests, students are already seeing the results of zero-tolerance policies being carried out.

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On Sunday, seven Florida State University students were arrested after throwing an “open house party” that allegedly included underage drinking. FSU’s president said, “We will not tolerate any behavior that puts the health and safety of the campus or the Tallahassee community at risk.” 

Florida Gulf Coast just suspended two fraternities for throwing large parties, and several students at the University of Tampa were recently suspended for hosting a large gathering in the residence halls. 

Officials at the University of South Florida have warned students violating its rules will also result in swift punishment. 

“Just so there's really no confusion between 10 people 50, 100, they can’t have those large groupings,” said Danielle McDonald, dean of students at USF. 

For many, college without parties and social events is almost hard to imagine. A pair of UT freshmen told Fox 13 that college life is just going to be different, for now. 

“Once this is all over we'll be able to experience the same things, but for now, it’s really not safe to be having parties,” said UT freshman Sydney Shields. 

“I think it’s a good idea because it’s my first year and I don’t want to have to leave,” UT freshman Rebecca Beerman said. 

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