Community Happiness Project bringing neighbors closer together in St. Petersburg

For many years, Adam Peters didn't know most of his neighbors and when Covid hit, it was a big reality check.

He realized isolation was no way to live. So, he decided to connect with others and invite them into his world of happiness.

Nestled in the corner of his St. Pete Oakwood Gardens neighborhood, Peters has built a community oasis.

"It's an invitation. You know, it's a little less get off my lawn, and a little more, let's sit down, have some lemonade, get to know one another," shared Peters.

Peters created the Community Happiness Project as a way to connect with others.

"I want to do something for my neighbors where, when they came around this corner, they saw something unexpected and delightful, and it improved their day," he explained.

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His front yard looks more like a retreat than a typical lawn. With painted rocks and a "curiosities cabinet" full of trinkets.

"The idea is if something brings a smile to your face, pop it in here and take something that brings a smile to you and have that connection with the community," Peters added.

There are also colorful prayer flags.

"The idea behind the prayer flags is that there are messages of compassion written on them," said Peters. "And as the wind blows through they're spreading those messages of compassion."

There's also a post full of signs from countries around the world.

"You should go to those places if you can, but happiness is something that you can take with you anywhere you go," Peters stated.

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You might not be able to build a oasis like Peters, but a simple act of kindness will do.

"I really want people to embrace random acts of goodness, of kindness," said Peters. "That could mean smiling at someone that really needs a smile. It can mean picking up litter in your immediate vicinity."

It's something his neighbors have caught on to.

"If they see something that needs to be picked up or something that is broken, that needs to be repaired, they will do that. It is something that people take ownership of in this community, and I absolutely love that," Peters said.

So, don't worry, be happy.

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"I think we can all agree that happiness is something that we all desire," said Peters. "You know, it headlined the Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness. It's that important, I think, to Americans and everyone around the world."

Peters would love to see a Community Happiness Project in every neighborhood. He has written a book called "The Blueprint to Happy" and it's out this month on Amazon.

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