Costa Mesa man turns home into a Christmas 'Winter PUNderland' sensation

If you love a good pun there's a Costa Mesa man, who has taken puns up a notch... Actually up several notches. And his work of art has gone viral!

There’s a house, you may know it! Upon entry ho, ho, ho it! A seasonal sight, and the silent knight...walking in a Winter PUNderland!

If you know me, then you know my love for all things punny! I was in good comPUNNY today in Orange County at the Gunderson residence, when I met the creator Kyle Gunderson and he gave me a tour of his PUNDERFUL holiday decor!

You may recognize the Punderson, errr Gunderson residence from their VIRAL Facebook video. With over 23 million views (and counting) The Winter Punderland has became a social media sensation! From a GingerBREAD man to Silver Bell(e)s-attention to detail and delivery was important!

Kyle was surprised by how fast the word(play) spread online, and said that people have reached out to him thanking him for spreading holiday cheer.

While the home is not open to the public, you can indulge in all the pun by watching our video complete with singing!

What’s your favorite holiday pun?

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