Daredevil clown Bello Nock opens Sarasota home to public on Halloween 

Passing by Bello Nock's Sarasota home, people often stop and try to get a glance over the gates. 

"It happens almost every day because we have so many iconic [things]. They’re attention-getters," said Nock. 

Pieces of family and local history are displayed on his property along with the equipment he trains on. 

"I have a Ringling train car that my parents lived in 50 years ago. Iconic pieces of nostalgic history, I have the trolleys that did the Myakka State Park for 30 years. I’m a collector of things and I love preserving history," said Nock. 

For the first time, his gates are opening to the public on Halloween at 1 p.m. 

"People need a reason to get out, open space 16 acres, it’s safe environment come watch a show and then be a part of the show if you like," he said. 

Families can come out to experience Bello Nock's Adventure Center at the Funny Farm. His daughter Annaliese is helping him prepare. 

"Everyone has been stuck at home and dealing with just all kinds of things, no one ever expected. One of the things we’ve been doing is staying home and we figured why not invite everyone to come to our home. We are so blessed to have a big property where we can invite people and let them experience what we experience," she said. 

Bello designs and builds most of what you see on his property. 

"Behind us is the world’s only criss-cross flying act it’s the Flying Royals,” he said. 

Performances will take place on land, in the water and in the air. Afterward, you can try it out yourself with the help of Bello and his family. 

"We've always wanted to do something like this but for the first time we actually have the opportunity," said Annaliese Nock. 

It's only the beginning of Bello's Adventure Center. He can't wait for future generations to visit. 

"There is absolutely nothing, no amount of money that can take the place of seeing a smile on a little kid no matter how old they are," he said. 

Bello Nock's Trick and Treats starts at 1 p.m. Tickets online are $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under. At the door, adult tickets will cost $15. The event is limited to 150 visitors. 

LINK: For more information visit https://bellonocksadventurecenter.com/.


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