DeSantis vetoes bill cracking down on slow left-lane driving, OK's bear killing law

Governor DeSantis on Friday signed a bill allowing people to kill bears across the state under certain conditions while vetoing a bill cracking down on slow left-lane driving.

HB 87 provides a similar framework to Florida's ‘Stand Your Ground’ defense, allowing for people to kill a bear if they feel their life or pet's life is threatened, as well as in the protection of their property.

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Anyone who does shoot and kill a bear would legally have to alert the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) within 24 hours so they can dispose of it. Provoking or luring bears is still illegal. 

DeSantis also vetoed a bill that generated buzz when it was introduced for potentially cracking down on drivers moving slowly in the left lane in the Sunshine State.

In HB 317's text, drivers could only use the left lane to pass and those who failed to follow this restriction could face a $158 ticket. The bill passed almost unanimously in the Florida Senate and House, with supporters arguing it would increase highway safety.

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However, DeSantis wrote in his veto letter he was concerned that drivers could be pulled over for driving in the left lane even if they weren't impeding the flow of traffic.

He also said he believes the law could have caused more traffic because it may have pushed more drivers to stay in the right lane.

DeSantis signed 14 bills in total from this year's legislative session and vetoed three. 

One of those others he signed into law allows veterinarians to treat your pets remotely, similar to telehealth for humans.