Detectives seize SUV wanted in deadly hit-and-run

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The SUV wanted in a hit-and-run crash that killed two Illinois tourists over the weekend has been found and seized, but no criminal charges have been filed.

Police say there are signs the SUV hit something, or someone.

"It does have damage in the location that is consistent with the crash," Police Chief Dan Slaughter stated.

Police say the Sunday night crash killed vacationers John Berg, 62, and Viola Flores, 51, as they walked on Clearwater's Memorial Causeway.

Detectives used a state database to narrow down the registered owners of 2002 silver Mercedes G-Classes to 120 local possibilities. From there, they found the car with damage.

"Citizens are clearly offended by the behavior of someone leaving the scene of this crash. They have been very supportive, very engaged in providing a great amount of tips," Slaughter continued.

The car is registered to Charles Wizenread, who according to social media, is a musician. The Lynn Lake Circle home where it was found is co-owned by Wizenread and Heather Snyder.

Police say it may take months to determine if either of them, or someone else, was driving.

"The owner of the vehicle is exercising his Constitutional rights to have an attorney and has not spoken to us," Slaughter stated.

Berg and Flores are from Illinois.  On social media, Flores' children posted that their hearts have been warmed by the kind and loving words they've received from loved ones. They said she touched many near and far.  A friend posted she was at a loss for words.

Neighbors of Wizenread and Snyder say whoever was at fault must face the consequences.

"God sees everything," Joel Gonzalez offered.  "He is right. God sees everything and what happened. Hopefully justice will be served."