Drugs, sexual comments, and profanity make it into yearbook

Two inappropriate comments and a couple pictures slipped by Nature Coast Technical High School leaders and made the senior quotes and comments section of their 2015 yearbook.

"It was unfortunate. As the principal, I take full responsibility," Toni-Ann Noyes said. "The sad thing is, that is not a reflection of who they are."

Noyes noticed the quotes mid-May after the books were printed, a couple weeks before graduation.

She immediately sent out an automated phone message to parents and apologized.

"I told them that there were some inappropriate comments in the book," Noyes said.

The message also offered an insert to replace the pages with the inappropriate comments on them.

One read, "*$@! happens. Just got to live with it," and another quoted a rapper about a sexual act.

Two other students were pictured in drug related t-shirts.

"They don't understand how someone of my age is perceiving that," the principal said.

Noyes calls this an important life lesson and hopes this situation doesn't overshadow all of the good the class of 2015 accomplished while enrolled at Nature Coast Technical High School.

"Ten to 15 years from now when a situation arises, and you can reflect on what happened in the yearbook, you can say, 'wow, now I know what Mrs. Noyes meant'," she said.

From now on editorial control will go through the principal's office, and each picture and comment will be thoroughly reviewed before yearbooks can be printed.