East Bay teacher uses Lizzo song to teach kids they're great

An East Bay teacher is using a Lizzo song to teach kids they're great.

Los Medanos Elementary School teacher Dorothyhoney Mallari was not shy about blasting a rewritten version of the song, "Truth Hurts," in front of her class recently.

As Mallari danced on the tables (expertly, mind you, in heels) and belted out the peppy tune, her 2nd grade students sang and rocked along with her.

"I think it worked well," the 32-year-old teacher said on Wednesday. "I just liked the beat."

Lizzo's original tune is explicit and is about having boy problems.

Mallari's version goes like this: "Let's be great, 'cuz I know we are great. Whoo! I just took an ELA test, turns out I'm 100 percent that smart."

The rest of the lyrics touch on having your friends back and helping others with their homework.

Mallari said she comes up with a class song each year to reflect what's going on in the classroom and what songs the kids are into. 

"We were talking about flexibile seating and classroom culture," Mallari said. Last year, the class song was a Drake cover tune.  

Mallari used a tripod to film the video, which she then edited herself in iMovie. 

She sent it over to Pittsburg Unified School District headquarters to see what the administration thought. 

The district loved it. Officials on Tuesday posted  her video on Facebook and YouTube, showing how Mallari is connecting with her kids in the classroom.

District spokeswoman Nicky Mora said Mallari is "such a good teacher and she uses these songs to inspire." 

The post already has more than 300 comments, such as "Ms. Mallari!!!!! You are so inspiring in so many ways."