Even grownups may be challenged by this giant bounce house

Bounce houses aren’t just for kids. In fact, the world’s biggest bounce house will challenge even the most fit adults, as FOX 13’s Chip Brewster found out Friday.

The Big Bounce America brought their giant inflatable course to Carrollwood Country Park for the weekend. The castle has a basketball court, giant slide and a massive ball pit.

The tour launched in 2017, and the creators behind it are two men from Scotland who brought the bounce house to life. 

Last year, the tour made its first stop in the Bay Area. This year, organizers are adding two more attractions: a 900-foot-long obstacle course and a space-themed “wonderland,” which will include a five-person race slide and a 50-foot-wide play area for the younger folks.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the inflatable castle is about 11,434 square feet. 

The obstacle course is enough to exhaust grownups.

"Rounding the first turn, I'm so tired already," Chip groaned after a fast start of leaping, tunneling, and rolling. "I'm outta steam already!"

LINK: For more information on the Big Bounce America tour and how to purchase tickets, head over to the event’s website. There are options for family and adult-only sessions.