Father, daughter rescued after personal watercraft sank in Lake Thonotosassa

Christopher Snow and his 13-year-old daughter, Alexis were tired and very scared by the end of Saturday after their personal watercraft sank in Lake Thonotosassa in Hillsborough County

Christopher's girlfriend, Carolyn Joyce said she didn't hear from the pair so she came to Baker Creek Park to bring them home. 

But there was no sign of Christopher, Alexis or their watercraft so Joyce asked a nearby Hillsborough County sheriff's deputy for help.

HCSO Deputy Kevin Reich called for marine and aviation units to help, but a nearby boater offered to help. They got onboard the good Samaritan's boat and set out to find the Snows.

Deputy, boaters spot father, daughter stranded on Lake Thonotosassa

A short time later, the crew spotted them. Deputy Reich's body camera captured Alexis screaming "Help!" in the distance. 

"We're coming, baby!" a woman on the boat yells back. 

When the boat reaches Christopher and Alexis, they're both wearing life vests, but are visibly exhausted. 

Christopher and daughter, Alexis during rescue on Lake Thonotosassa

Alexis cries, "Our JetSki sunk underwater!"

The boaters throw a rope to the Snows and pull them to the back of the boat. Alexis is pulled aboard first. 

Boaters wrap towels around rescued father, daughter on Hillsborough County lake

As the team pulls Christopher up, he temporarily goes limp, apparently exhausted.

The pair had been treading water for nearly an hour by the time they were rescued.

Christopher and Alexis Snow embrace after being rescued on Lake Thonotosassa

In a statement to the media, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister pointed out that Christopher and Alexis Snow might not have survived the ordeal if they had not been wearing life jackets.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office reminds residents to prioritize their safety while engaging in water sports and always to carry their cell phones in case of emergency. Those interested in learning more about proper water safety protocols, please contact the HCSO Marine Unit at 813-247-8200.