Few leads after shocking double-murder

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A small CrimeStoppers sign sits staked in the yard of a home off Southern Parkway West in Bradenton.  It asks people to come forward with tips and remains as a reminder of the horrible crime committed there.

"It is very frustrating, considering how they did what they did," said Lt. James Racky with the Bradenton Police Department.

Who did it, remains a mystery -- one that has Bradenton police working overtime to solve.

"Whoever did this is starting to talk and word is getting out as to who may have done this," continued Lt. Racky.

Lieutenant James Racky said the video taken from a home surveillance camera outside is one of their best pieces of evidence.  They hope someone will identify the three masked people seen forcing their way into the home with guns drawn early Thursday morning.

But despite a plea for tips, the phone line remains fairly quiet.

"We have no suspect information yet.  We have four tips so far," said Lt. Racky.

Police need those tips now more than ever.  Detectives on Friday afternoon met with the family of Ester Deneus and Kantral Brooks, hoping someone has heard something.  They also spoke with the couple's five children, whom police said witnessed the murders.

"For someone's life to be cut so short with so many people who needed her is absolutely horrible," said Lori Barnes, who knew Deneus well.

Barnes runs the Suncoast College of Health, where Deneus was studying to become a registered nurse. 

Now, Barnes will award Deneus her degree posthumously.

"It is a reminder for the children that she worked so hard to get where she was and this is for them to remember her by," said Barnes.

Deneus' classmates said all she wanted was to provide a better life for her family.

"She cared. She made a difference in people's lives and there are five children now who don't have their mother and they can't do it on their own," said Judi Klein.

Police ask anyone with any information on the case to contact CrimeStoppers at 866-634-TIPS or manateecrimestoppers.com

A $1,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest in the case.