Florida man gets DUI in motorized wheelchair

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A 54-year-old Florida man has been arrested for a DUI, but not the kind we're used to hearing about.

Police in Palm Bay say Ronny Hicks was behind the wheel of his motorized wheelchair when they responded to calls about a man driving erratically and blocking people near a pedestrian bridge.

According to the arrest report, the 54-year-old appeared highly intoxicated.  His speech was slurred speech and he was acting confused.

During his first appearance before a judge Tuesday, the state attorney recommended the maximum $5,000 bond because it was allegedly Hicks' third DUI in 10 years.  But at first, the judge felt that amount was too high for a DUI in a motorized wheelchair.

"I can't say I would look at it the same for purposes of a bond when it's a motorized wheelchair rather than an automobile," she offered.

But after allowing the state to speak confidentially with medical staff regarding Hicks' need for a wheelchair, the judge approved the $5,000 bond.