Florida porch pirate unknowingly steals package filled with 500 worms

A Florida porch pirate might be having second thoughts after her latest score turned out to be a box of live worms.

Shelly Draves, an Apopka resident, captured video with her video doorbell system showing the suspect taking the package from her front door, and then returning to the passenger side of an SUV. The theft, Draves said, took place in the middle of the day inside the Big Rock Springs Ridge subdivision. 

"People think theft happens at night [when] nobody's looking,” she said. “It happens in the middle of the open. I mean, you need to be careful."

However, when the suspects drove down the road, they opened the box. The words “live crickets” were written on the package, but that’s not what was inside.

"What they didn't know was that I had ordered 500 superworms, which are large worms,” Draves continued.

The thieves tossed the package out of the window after discovering its contents, police said.

Draves explained that her son has a bearded dragon. The superworms were its Thanksgiving dinner. 

“Karma!" she exclaimed. "I hope you get caught."

Police said they are still searching for the female suspect, according to WFTV.

WOFL's Tom Johnson reported this story from Apopka.