Former Gator basketball star attempts 24-hour basket record

A former Florida Gator basketball star is shooting for more than 11,000 three-pointers in 24 hours for a world record attempt.

This is much more than just an attempt at getting his name in the history books. The event is called "Threes for Kids."  Teddy Dupay's real motivation is raising money for young people in Tampa.

For the average person, just staying awake for 24 hours is a feat. Teddy Dupay's feet are spending the next day on the three-point line.

Surrounded by people clapping and cheering, Dupay keeps his eyes on the hoop. Shot after shot, the numbers on the tally board rise.

How do you train for an event like this? "You don't," he said during a quick break. "You've just got to grit your teeth and get through it."

The current record is 10,381 three-pointers made in 24 hours. Dupay is looking to smash that with 11,408.

"Oh, he's gonna break it," said Pastor Craig Altman of Grace Family Church with confidence.

It's not just for recognition.

"He wanted to help out some kids from less fortunate homes and help them out from an athletic standpoint and also from an educational standpoint," said Pastor Ralph Johnson, Executive Director of the Dream Center of Tampa.

"I'm just like amazed that he can do that," said 11-year-old Kylie Maldonado.

The goal is to raise $100,000 for Dream Center of Tampa, Academy Prep and South Tampa Prep.

"I just started coming here and realized it was a better place for me to be, it changed my life and everything so now I am happy to be here," said 12-year-old Dream Center student Alin Joseph.

Some of these kids have faced major struggles. Then again, so has Dupay.

He's been sidelined by injury. He's been arrested. He's slept in jail.

He's showing them that no matter how many missed shots, no matter how many fouls, there's always a chance to rebound.

"Don't quit," Dupay said. "Don't quit. There are some situations you just can't prepare for. I knew this was going to be hard and difficult. Everybody did. That's what the excitement is."

"It's a world record," he continued. "We are doing something difficult here. I am in good shape. I have a very strong mind. My faith is strong as ever right now and I know God is going to get me through this.

It's a message heard loud and clear by his youngest fans.

"You can do anything, just not to give up," Joseph said. "Just keep pushing yourself and keep pushing yourself."

"God's watching him and he knows," Maldonado said, "I hope he knows, he's gonna get blessed."

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