Former Tampa officer says misconduct investigation ruined his life

Former Tampa police officer Adam York says what happened to him should never happen to anyone, ever. York had an unblemished 20-year career as a Tampa police officer, but one traffic stop -- two and a half years ago -- would turn his life upside down.

The woman York pulled over accused him of sexual misconduct. 

Charges against York have since been dropped.

"If they're doing this to me, how do you not know they're doing this everybody else? I’m one of their own and they did this. What are they doing to the other people around Tampa Bay?" York asked.

During an emotional press conference, York said he's had everything taken from him.

"They've taken my kids' college. They’ve wiped us out," said a tearful York.

After being accused of sexual battery, York maintained his innocence. However, he was arrested, charged, and fired from TPD.

The game-changing moment came when York's attorney Rick Escobar began picking apart witness testimony and evidence in the case. He called TPD's investigation atrocious and embarrassing.

"You had a very manipulative accuser. One of the flaws I think took place in this investigation. No one really investigated the accuser. We did," said Escobar.

The case fell apart and a few weeks ago and Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren dropped all the charges against York.

Things for York were starting to look up, but then Warren told the Tampa Bay Times, "during the discovery process, new evidence came out that the victim had consented [to sexual activity] and we couldn't proceed ethically on a charge that we know we couldn't prove."

York says that was like a slap in the face.

"This was their opportunity to say, 'There was a mistake made. Let’s move forward. Let's help you get back on your feet.' Instead, they push me back down," said York.

Escobar says this all comes down to politics, but that does not matter to York. His fight is just beginning.

"I have two little girls and I owe it to them to fight this, to get the truth out because one day they're going to read about this," said York.

York and Escobar are urging Warren to release all the documents and records in this case. They want the public to make their own decision on how TPD handled the case.