Free clinic offers care, dignity to uninsured patients

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Affordable healthcare is out of reach for a lot of people, but a local clinic has become a savior for those in need.

Patients receive free health care at Calvary Community Clinic in Tampa. Rosemary Bartz says it's her lifeline.

"They have helped me with blood pressure medication, smoking patches to help me quit smoking, and I couldn't be any more prouder or grateful," Rosemary said.

The free clinic was started by Mount Calvary Church two years ago to help the uninsured. Marcellina Abonis is the Director of Calvary Community Clinic.

"35 percent of these residents in this community are uninsured and another 40 percent live below the poverty line," Abonis said.

The clinic offers primary healthcare and vision exams. But more importantly, the clinic offers peace of mind.

"We want to bring hope, health, and healing to this community," Abonis added.

More than 900 people who can't afford healthcare are served.

Dr. Patricia Seabrooks, a Ph.D. Nurse Practitioner says, "We have to give back to the community its part of what's expected and its part of my mission in life to give wherever I can."

The clinic gives care to those most in need with grace and dignity. It's funded by private donations and volunteers. For more information about the clinic, email