Google to train software to recognize speech pattern among those with Down syndrome

Voice recognition software is on our phones, our computer, even our cars – basically any electronic device.  Still, not everyone is able to use it.

According to Google, voice recognition technology tends to miss every third word spoken by someone with Down syndrome. It is a handy tool that most people take for granted. 

The company has teamed up with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society to try and fix it through a campaign called “Project Understood.” They want all people to be able to use voice recognition software regardless of how they speak, but they need some help to accomplish the goal.

They’re asking people with Down syndrome to log online and record phrases. Right now, Google doesn’t have the data it needs to train software to recognize speech patterns for people with Down syndrome.

The goal is 500 voices. As of Thursday morning, they need about 200 more.

LINK: If you’d like to donate your voice, head over to Project Understood’s website.