Hillsborough County deputy 'miraculously' survives crash

A Hillsborough County Sheriff's Motorcycle Deputy is expected to "miraculously" survive being hit from behind by a flatbed truck while stopped at a red light.

Deputy Berg is in the intensive care unit at Tampa General Hospital with an ankle that deputies say is "possibly" broken, along with cuts and bruises.

"This is a horrific traffic crash," said Col. J.R. Burton of the Hillsborough Co. Sheriff's Office.

It took fire rescue an hour to get him out from under two trucks.

"It was a flatbed truck," said witness Brian Clarke. (It was) just coming for everybody. It looked like the worst thing I've ever seen."

While on patrol at about 1:30PM Tuesday, Berg, 37, was stopped at a red light, going west on Gibsonton Dr.

The white flatbed slammed into Berg, a blue Mustang, a red pickup and three other vehicles.

"All the while, (it was) dragging the deputy," said Burton.

Berg was pinned underneath two of the trucks.

It took an hour for rescuers to get him out.

"He is in tip top shape and we attribute that to helping him survive," said Burton.

Jennifer Miranda's parents were in the blue mustang and are two of the other three injured in the six-vehicle crash.

"She saw the guy swerving in the side view mirror," said Miranda, of her mother, Nairda, who has several broken bones.

Her father, Rafael, escaped with a head gash.

"She remembers holding my dad's hand and thinking that was it."

The truck was owned by a granite company, and luckily there was no freight on board.

Deputies say it's too early to rule anything out about what caused the crash.

They'll examine the truck and Berg's motorcycle closely.

Deputies say Berg's injuries are severe, but considering the extent is a broken ankle and cuts and bruises, this could have been worse.

"I really hope he makes it OK with no long term injuries," said Miranda.

Deputies interviewed the driver this afternoon and say he could face traffic citations.

Berg is a nine-year veteran of the force.