How to create a relaxing atmosphere for your home office

Realtor Pattie Meek says it's easy to relax in her home office.

"I usually play some sort of soothing music in the background and I like that. It's just nice and quiet," said Meek.

The real estate agent wants to keep it that way.

"Say she had her grandchildren over and they're making a lot of noise in another part of the house and she's having a meeting," said Meek's interior designer, Karen Post.

Post said there are some easy ways you can keep the tranquility, starting with the floor. 

"People generally have hard floors, whether it's tile or wood, so a big area rug is going to diffuse the sound," offered Post.

Window treatments help too. 

"Because sound hits walls. So if it hits something soft, it's going to diffuse the sound. Now there's even apps that you can operate all of your window treatments on your phone," said Post. 

And what you put on your walls can help keep that sound down. 

"You can put panels behind your artwork. You can buy soundproofing wallpaper. You can buy paint that is for soundproofing," continued Post. 

And besides sound, you'll also want to consider your lighting to keep your atmosphere at ease.

"An ideal lighting situation is natural light. Most people like natural light. We recommend mixing direction of light. A warmer light bulb is going to be more relaxed. You will feel more relaxed in the space. It will have more of a warmer cast," Post advised. "We stay away from any sort of fluorescent light. It's not good, will tire you out."
Meek said it's easy to work in peace from the comfort of her home. 

"It's just a happy place to work," she added.

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