Huggies puts fathers on diaper packages for the first time

In a historic first, Huggies is featuring dads on the front of its diaper packages.

Earlier in July, the diaper brand introduced its “Special Delivery” diapers as the softest diaper designed specifically for skin comfort.

“We are inspired by the loving bond a parent feels with their baby and their desire to provide the very best care to their babies that they possibly can,” said Kristine Rhode, the North America brand director, in a statement. “These insights led us to create our most perfect diaper, so parents can provide their own perfect care.”

Huggies said it specifically chose to feature fathers for the first time ever on its “Special Delivery” line to reflect all parents’ love for their babies.

Although it is the first time dads have been pictured on the packages, Huggies made it clear that the company has always celebrated fatherhood.

“At Huggies, we really believe in celebrating and championing all parents and what all parents are doing,” said Rhode. “When we thought about bringing dads forward in the packaging, it’s really about celebrating the inclusivity of parents.”

The new packaging for the “Special Delivery” diaper line features black-and-white photography of dads and their babies to highlight the emotional connection between a parent and child.

The boxes of diapers rolled out on shelves in early July, and have since been met with viral praise online for not only the inclusion of dads in the conversation of child-care, but also for the diverse dads illustrated on the packaging.

“Huggies done went and put a black father on the package of their diapers,“ wrote Joe Flowers Jr., a black father from Chicago, in a viral Facebook post on the inclusive packaging. “This is a first in history, look how far we’ve come.”

“This is an amazing event that is taking place and it’s helping to shine light on the fact that fathers are just as important to the children,” said Flowers Jr. “I’m glad Huggies has decided to display that.”

It may be the first time in history, but Huggies has no intention on letting it be the last time. Saying that the company has received a resoundingly positive response from the public, Rhode said that future packaging, from both Huggies and other companies within the industry, will hopefully continue to feature fathers.

“The launch of ‘Huggies’ Special Delivery’ is born out of the idea that parents want best for their baby without compromise. We designed this for an elevated experience for both dads and moms, and babies,” said Rhode. “Continue to be on this journey with us and continue to be inclusive.”