Hurricane Idalia: Pinellas County streets flood, but ‘the bar is open’

Gulfport streets were underwater around mid-morning on Wednesday as some residents began to venture outside after Hurricane Idalia passed by the area. 

The water started rising around 3:30 a.m. during high tide. However, things have persisted because a southern wind was still blowing across the bay six hours later. 

Around 9:30 a.m. Boca Ciega Bay was still choppy with waves crashing up on what should be dry land. 

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Smaller watercraft were pushed up onto shore as a result of the storm surge. Several people were checking on their boats Wednesday morning. A few called their watercraft home. A few residents who spoke with FOX 13 said they are worried about their houseboat just off the shore, adding that "nobody’s home is safe right now, even if it does look afloat."

Gulfport flooding

Gulfport flooding

At least two boats did not fare well during the storm. One boat was pushed on its side. 

One of the beach side bars in Gulf Port was open Wednesday morning despite the flooding. 

Officials in St. Pete said, so far more than 75 people were rescued by St. Pete Fire Rescue crews in high-flood area. Boaters are still being deployed, and rescue efforts are continuing.