Kids' spare change adds up

Students are learning more than their ABC's in Sarah Aldridge's classroom at Seffner Christian Academy.

"Together we can do it like a team," fourth grader Cameron Bradley said.

Teamwork to collect spare change to help buy gifts for children who are waiting to be adopted.

"I think it's really cool because, like, you get to do stuff for these kids who really don't have as much as we have," Cameron said.

"We can get them birthday presents and Christmas presents just bless them. " Student Zachery Nash said.

This is the first year the school is partnering with the Children's Board Heart Gallery.

"They have done a fantastic job here at Seffner Christian raising money," Christie Enderle of the Children's Board Heart Gallery said.

The kids collected more than $1,000.

"It's been exciting to watch the boys and girls get excited every day to bring their change, their coins their money into the classroom to give the boys and the girls," offered Principal Stephanie Newlend.

"I think that it makes you feel good when you give," Brooke Ura, 9, added.

Principal Stephanie Newlend believes the kids are learning an invaluable lesson.  "It has taught our students, in a very personal way, how to give back to our community."

"You should give instead of receive because other people are more important than you sometimes," continued Brooke said.

Each classroom has a picture of their foster child on the wall.

"The mission of the Heart Gallery is to get our kids' name and faces out there in the public so that  the people know that they are available for adoption," Enderle said.

It's a mission these students understand in this season of giving.

"These boys and girls are just like them they're able to connect in a very real and personal way," Newlend  added.