Largo police searching for man seen peeking into resident's bedroom window

Imagine peeking out of your window late at night to find a set of eyes peeking back at you.

Members of a Largo, Florida household says it’s happening to them constantly. Now they’re having a hard time sleeping after being terrorized by a peeping Tom.

Largo police hope to bust the creeper, but they need the public's help.

Surveillance video of a hooded man creeping around in the bushes outside the home will make the hair on your neck stand up, and it’s just one example of what the people living inside this home on Tropic Boulevard have been dealing with.

“I feel like he’s just way too intent and way too bold,” homeowner Ken Buckalew said.

Buckalew installed a camera system when they kept hearing rustling in their bushes outside. They are suspicious the peeper is targeting a woman who also lives in the home. She asked to not be identified.

She feels so unsafe, she can barely walk to her car.

“Terrifying. I don’t know how to go about my day-to-day. I don’t know who or what they want and that’s the most scary thing about it,” she told FOX 13 News.

Largo police detectives investigating, but they hope everyone will take a close look at the video. Anyone who recognizes the man should give police a call.

In addition to cameras, Buckalew positioned chairs and sticks as noisy obstacles for the creeper, hoping to catch him in the act.

And as a last resort, he makes it clear: He’s armed.

“You wanna have a bigger weapon than your enemy,” Buckalew said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Largo Police Department at 727-587-6730.