Local man finds hope, fulfillment through Timothy Initiative

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The Timothy Initative heals broken men across the Tampa Bay area. The program helps men who have struggled with addiction, homelessness, incarceration and depression. The organization is widely known for saving lives, including the life of Marc DeJute. 

"I came to the Timothy Initiative and I've been here for the past two years," said DeJute. "It's been the best, most life-fufilling two years of my life."

Three years ago, DeJute was working a sales job, spending most of his money on partying. But he soon quit. DeJute let himself and his relationships suffer.

"I couldn't connect with anybody, not even my own family. I just finally gave up working all together and decided to live out of my car," said DeJute.

Once homeless, he came to a realization. If he wanted to live a better life, DeJute needed to make a change. That change would soon involve the Timothy Initiative. The organization helps those struggling re-enter society through trust and work therapy. 

"I've made countless relationships with brothers in the house, brothers that I work with, where they can count on me to do what I need to do to help the ministry, as much as I can count on them," he said.

The non-profit organization gives these men a chance to work alongside one another and develop a relationship with God through recovery and leadership. 
"Success to me now, is having a relationship with Jesus Christ," said DeJute. 

The Timothy Initiative is currently operating three houses in the Tampa Bay area. They are being used as emergency shelters, providing assistance in finding permanent housing, and teaching drug education.

LINK: Those seeking help are encouraged to learn more about the program on their website.