Man confronts suspected burglar, holds him at gunpoint

A suspected burglar found himself face down and handcuffed in the front of a home he was trying to break into, and the incident was live streamed on Facebook. 

Baton Rouge resident Caesar Ray says he heard his daughter's car alarm go off early Wednesday morning, December 6, about the same time a neighbor called to tell him she'd seen someone lurking around his house.

Ray, who has law enforcement training and previously worked for the Department of Corrections, grabbed his gun and stepped outside to face the suspect, identified as Roberto Garcia, in the front yard. 

He ordered Garcia to lay face down and handcuffed him, standing guard until police arrived, all while streaming the incident live on Facebook. "You just tried to break into the wrong house," Ray is heard saying in the video. 

Police arrived and took Garcia, who began to cry during his arrest, into custody. He's charged with auto burglary and attempted burglary of an inhabited dwelling, according to a local station. 

Ray warned others that they should not do what he did without training, but also said that people should "be vigilant" and observant, "especially when you are coming home." 

Watch the full video below (mobile users click here):