Man dead after argument at house party leads to shooting in Brandon

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A quiet residential street in Brandon turned into a crime scene over night after deputies said a house party took a deadly turn.

"I knew there was a party going on, I figured it was a pool party, but that was about 11 o'clock and I went to bed," described Jimmy Scanlon, who lives on Red Fox Lane.

Neighbors awoke to the sound of gunshots shortly after midnight. Party goers could be seen running through back yards and down the street shortly afterward.

"I heard a bunch of kids going down the street, looked out the window, they were headed that way," said Scanlon. "I went to the bathroom, came back, about that time six or seven gun shots went off and all the kids went that way."

Hillsborough County deputies said the chaos began after an argument between two men escalated. One of the men fatally shot the other in the upper chest before running off.

The victim was taken to Tampa General Hospital where he was pronounced dead. He has not yet been identified by authorities.

"This is a very quiet neighborhood, very quiet, very family friendly. I had no idea that was an Airbnb right there," Scanlon said.

HCSO deputies confirmed that the house was being rented out to party goers through Airbnb.

"There was over 100 people," said Scanlon. "I can tell you this, there was not a free piece of property on either side of this street."

However, in a statement to FOX 13, the owner of the home stated that most of those party goers didn't have permission to be at the house. He added that only six guests were scheduled to stay the night. The party was never approved.

"These kids have no clue," Scanlon said. "They run around throwing temper tantrums and they're throwing them with guns."

It's a story that is all too familiar. In June, a similar tragedy unfolded following a party that also took place at a home listed on Airbnb's website. A dispute escalated after some teens left the party, which resulted in the death of a 14-year-old girl.

After this latests shooting, neighbors on Red Fox Lane may be shaken up, but now they are left with a stern warning for others.

"Parents need to start paying attention," said Scanlon.

Deputies said the suspect fled the scene. The sheriff's office is working to locate him.

Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.