Man hopes to return folded flag found on side of road

A community of Facebook users is coming together to try and help reunite a folded American flag -- found by the side of the road – with its owner.

Ted Froberg of Largo said the neatly folded flag caught his eye from the shoulder of an overpass along U.S. 19 in Clearwater on Saturday. 

“I recognized white stars on a blue field,” he recalled.

Ted wasn’t sure how to get the word out about the flag, so he decided to ask his Facebook fans to help spread the word -- and they seem to be listening.  So far, his post has been shared nearly 9,000 times.

Ted says he’s spend a lot of time reading through all of the messages online and, even though no one has stepped forward the claim the flag yet, he’s grateful for the reception his request is getting.

“I’m glad that the word is getting out,” he said Monday, after interviews with several local media outlets.  “Even if it’s a one percent chance, it’s worth trying to find the owner.”

Some have suggested opening up the flag to see if there are any clues inside, but Ted said he didn’t feel right doing that.  He knows what such a personal memento can mean; the flag reminds him of the one his mother was given when he was only 11 years old – after his father, a World War I veteran, passed away.

Now, he’s thanking everyone who shared his post while still hoping to get the flag back where it belongs.

“It really means a lot to me to find this flag’s owner,” he added.