Mobile barber shop owner cutting hair across Polk Co., Florida

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If you don't feel like driving to the barber shop to get your haircut, let Skully's Barber Salon come to you.

It's the first mobile barber shop of its kind in Polk County and it's on the cutting-edge of what could be a hot new trend.

When Skully aka Scott was working at a salon chain in Lakeland, something dawned on him: When business gets slow in the summer, why wait for customers to come in? So he decided to go to them.

"I started out in my truck and ended up driving around to people's houses, businesses and events," He told FOX 13. "And it turned into this."

He's talking about his mobile salon - a 30-foot Winnebago converted into a barber shop on wheels with everything a traditional shop has.

The 30-year-old borrowed money from his dad to buy the Winnebago, which took a year to convert into a rolling shave and haircutting station.

"Sometimes people are scared of new things, but I felt once they step inside and they see the way it looks, they usually chill out pretty quickly, and warm up to it," he said.

Based in Auburndale, Skully has travelled as far as Orlando and Tampa - trimming hair along the way.

"I get everyone from tiny kids to older men in wheelchairs," he explained.

The hair cuts, trims and other services are no more than what you would pay at most other shops. A guy's haircut runs about $20. For more information, visit