Naked woman accused of stealing MCSO vehicle speaks out

It was a crazy story: a naked woman allegedly steals a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office vehicle, and allegedly took deputies on a 75-mile chase.

The chase, which began in Gila Bend, ended along the I-10, just south of Casa Grande.

The woman, now identified as Lisa Luna, spoke with FOX 10's Linda Williams on the entire incident.

Luna, who said she wanted to people to know what happened, offered a confusing, often rambling account of the events that transpired that day.

She claimed she was poisoned, possessed, and said she doesn't remember, and that it was "blurry". Luna, who initially claimed she was sexually assaulted, has also changed her story, in regards to that particular issue.

During the jailhouse interview, Luna often blamed what happened on a cousin.

"She'd been giving me stuff that made me feel really weird," said Luna.

Luna claims she could not recall, with clarity, what happened on Thursday, January 5.

That was the day when Luna, according to officials with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, walked down a Gila Bend road naked, and was approached by an investigating deputy.

"I remember him trying to help me," said Luna. "But there was a lot of stuff I didn't have control over."

As the deputy went to get Luna a blanket, deputies say Luna jumped in the deputy's vehicle, and took off. Luna then allegedly led law enforcement officers on the chase, before she crashed.

Luna was also asked whether she remembers driving a car that was not hers.

"I remember fainting a lot," said Luna. "I remember a lot of yelling, commotion. A lot of blurry in and out."

As of now, Luna is in jail on a $50,000 bond, and she is facing several charges. The charges also include false reporting, as she now says she was not sexually assaulted.