Nicholas Sparks at Don Cesar with new book set in St. Pete Beach

The man behind many people's favorite love stories, including "The Notebook," spoke with FOX 13's Linda Hurtado about his latest book "Dreamland," which is partially set in St. Pete Beach.

Nicholas Sparks has written 23 books, all of which became New York Times bestsellers. Sparks will be at the Don Cesar Hotel Saturday night to preview "Dreamland" for his devoted fans. 

"Dreamland" follows two parallel storylines. A young couple meets by happenstance on St. Pete Beach, right in front of the Don Cesar. They realize they have a shared passion for music and it feels like a wonderful weekend flame. Their interest in each other lasts beyond as they realize they share a deep connection

Book cover of Nicholas Sparks' new book, "Dreamland"

Book cover of Nicholas Sparks' new book, "Dreamland" 

Meanwhile, a young mother is on the run with her son from an abusive situation. As she tries to settle into a new environment, the reader can start to discover how the two stories intertwine. 

 Sparks said he chose St. Pete Beach as a location in his book because he loves the area, himself. 

"I've been there numerous times and I've stayed at the Don Cesar numerous times, weeks and weeks and weeks of my life have been spent there," Sparks told FOX 13. "It's just a wonderful getaway. I love the quiet nature of the town. I love the delicious food that I'm able to get. I love the kayaking in the area I love walking that white sand beach and listening to music behind some of the bars or the hotels along that stretch of sand."

Sparks is making a stop at the Oxford Exchange in Tampa Saturday afternoon, and he’ll be speaking at the Don Cesar Saturday night.

Nicholas Sparks said his fans may follow him on Instagram for information about an upcoming dream weekend sweepstakes.