Police investigate hate crime in South Daytona

Police are investigating a hate crime after two cars were covered in racist graffiti.  A man told police that he woke Thursday morning to find black spray paint all over two cars in the driveway of his home on Northern Road.  The man’s truck and a car belonging to his female friend were covered in racial slurs.  A tire on one of the vehicles had been slashed.

The graffiti alluded to the friends being an interracial couple. The woman told FOX 35 the pair was stunned. So were neighbors.  “That’s just terrible.  I mean you know this day and age it’s like really.  What business is it of yours.  You know what I mean.  Just unreal,” said Crystal Jason.  A police spokeswoman said she can’t think of a similar case in South Daytona.  Officers were able to collect fingerprints from the vehicle.  They are following up on leads.