Police kill dog that attacked St. Pete woman, officer

A bottle of bleach is all that remains at the scene of a gruesome and bloody dog attack in St. Petersburg Friday.

St. Pete police say it all began on the 800th block of 93rd St. N., after 7 a.m.

“We got a call around 7:40 this morning that a woman had been bitten several times and was suffering from some pretty serious injuries from a dog bite,” police spokesperson Sandra Bentil said. 

That woman, a 67-year-old, was able to make it to the door of a nearby home. The resident told us off camera, she was covered in blood.

“Our officers went out, and one of them was bitten by the dog when they got to the scene,” Bentil continued. “He moved back, but they did speak with the owner, and the owner was able to get the dog on the leash.”

Within moments, officers say the dog pulled itself free from the choke-chain and began charging toward them.

“To stop the dog from attacking again, they had to shoot the dog,” Bentil said. “And he did not survive.”

The dog’s owner, Craig Barr, says he didn’t witness his dog attack the woman.  He says, when officers approached him, his dog was just being protective.

“When the cop came over to me, and started screaming, and the dog reacted to him coming over to the wheelchair,” Barr said. “He’s very protective of me.”

St. Pete police say what lead up to the moments before the woman was attacked is still under investigation. The victim however, was conscious when she was taken to the hospital.

Officers hope this serves as a reminder that dogs should always be on a leash.

“It’s important for the dog’s safety, and the safety of the people in the area,” Bentil added.