Prosecutors: Testimony of 'Stand Your Ground' shooter's past altercations should be included

Michael Drejka returned to court for a pre-trial hearing Friday. Drejka is out on bond after being charged with manslaughter for the shooting death of Markeis McGlockton following a confrontation over a handicapped parking space outside a Clearwater convenience store last August. 

Defense attorney Lysa Cofton is no longer on the case. Drejka filed an affidavit saying she solicited him to be his attorney during a visit to the Pinellas County Jail shortly after he was arrested.  In the document, Drejka says she refused his request to withdraw from the case. 

Bryant Camareno and John Trevena now represent Drejka. "Bryant and I are not going to comment on Lysa Clifton in any way. I think the affidavit that Mr. Drejka executed speaks for itself," said Trevena. 

Clifton filed a request Thursday to withdraw from the case. FOX 13 News was not able to reach her for additional comment. 

Prosecutors also set the stage to introduce testimony from witnesses who say Drejka confronted them about parking in the same space months before McGlockton death. Drejka was not charged for weeks following McGlockton's killing while the Pinellas County Sheriff and State Attorney's Office weighed whether it fell under Florida's Stand Your Ground Law.

Drejka has said it was self defense.