Renderings and name unveiled for St. Pete Pier's signature art piece

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After months of waiting, debate, and concerns over funding, we are finally getting a glimpse into what the signature art piece on St. Pete’s pier will look like.

Bay Area native Janet Echelman has been across the globe astonishing millions with her rope sculpture pieces that have attracted the attention of dignitaries and celebrities.

She took the stage at the Urban Land Institute Conference in Tampa Wednesday, unveiling renderings for her sculpture for St. Pete. She’s calling it “Bending Arc.”

“It’s about my belief that the moral arc of history is, in fact, moving towards justice,” Echelman said. “It will withstand the strongest hurricane.”

The sculpture moves with the wind and reflects light, transforming the open space on what will be the pier approach.

“I grew up here and this is my chance to give back to my hometown, I want to share the experience of lying down in the grass. Looking up at the artwork and watching the waves of wind ripple by,” she described.

Echelman says the challenge, so far, is anchoring the massive mast beams in the sandy soil, something she says engineers are overcoming.

St. Pete’s new pier is on track to be complete by the end of this year.