Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland offers close encounter with lemurs

They come from the Island of Madagascar, but this endangered primate can also be found on islands right here in Polk County.

Safari Wilderness Ranch has its own lemurs.

"We have lots of lemurs in social groups, troops they're called," shared Lex Salisbury, the owner of the ranch. "They live in these female-dominated societies, and we have them out on islands which are good ways of containing them. They live in the trees."

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Visitors can see the lemurs as a part of the different tours of the ranch, but there is also a chance to have an up-close encounter with some of these special souls.

"Lemurs are primates like we are, and they're from Madagascar," shared Salisbury. "They're very polite, we have a very safe education experience where you can feed lemurs."

The interactive experience with the lemurs allows visitors to approach, feed and interact with the playful primates in person.

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"They have hands like we do," said Salisbury. "They're very interesting and very beautiful."

You can learn more about the lemurs in person on a visit to the venue.

Safari Wilderness Ranch is located at 10850 Moore Road in Lakeland.

To learn more about the ranch and how to book your own visit, click here.

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