Steve-O's back in Tampa, working on new stunt

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Stuntman, reality star, and comedian Steve-O is back in Tampa as part of his The Bucket List Tour. 

His last visit in February of 2017 was hard to forget. 

"We mounted a trampoline on to a pickup truck which we dove from as it sped across a bridge," the Jackass star explained. 

Steve-O dove 25 feet from the Indian Rocks Beach bridge into the water below and hit the surface so hard that he split the skin on his back.

"It hurt a lot." 

Steve-O says he does what he does for laughs, but the particular stunt he pulled in Indian Rocks Beach last year didn't leave many people laughing, because diving off of the bridge is illegal and the stuntman was on probation at the time. 

”As soon as we filmed it, I reached out to TMZ," he recalled. "I said, 'hey, I’ve got this great stunt and it constitutes a violation of my probation.' Then I thought, 'why did I say that? I’m so dumb.'"

A representative for the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office told FOX 13 that since there was no complaint filed, their office would not pursue charges. 

”It was a really nice thing, and I think I took every opportunity to publicly thank the community.”

Now, Steve-O is working his way down a new list of stunts for his Bucket List Tour, and the Bay Area made the cut again. 

He says he just needs a helicopter to turn his latest stunt plan into a reality. 

"So we can have a sumo wrestling match 50 ft above the ocean on a trampoline under a helicopter." 

His latest stunt is to be determined, and so is the next phase of Steve-O's career. 

He says The Bucket List could be his last hoorah, making room for the next generation of stunt stars. Though he doesn't necessarily recommend his career path. 

"I don’t know what I would say to anyone who’s trying to follow the path that I’ve chosen in life. I certainly know better than to discourage anyone but I think there could be better plans." 

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