Tracking the Tropics: Hurricane Beryl continues to strengthen in the Atlantic

Hurricane Beryl is now expected to strengthen into a major Category 3 hurricane before crossing into the eastern Caribbean early next week. 

From there, The National Hurricane Center now has it maintaining hurricane status as it approaches the Western Caribbean at the end of next week. There are currently no immediate threats to Florida. 

Hurricane Watches and Warnings have been issued for various countries within the Lesser Antilles, as they brace for Beryl to pass by on Monday.

Otherwise, we are monitoring two other tropical waves. One wave in the Caribbean with a medium (50%) chance of forming over the next few days. This would bring minimal or no impacts to the United States as it would likely remain weak and push west into the Mexican coastline.

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Behind Beryl, we are keeping an eye on a separate disturbance with a high (70%) chance of formation over the next week. If this forms into a tropical storm or a tropical depression, models are in increasing agreement that it will push west toward the Lesser Antilles by the middle of next week. 

The next tropical storm or hurricane that forms would be assigned the name "Chris."

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