Sunday tropical update

Meteorologist Dave Osterberg is watching Tropical Storm Isaias and says it is trying to restructure itself after being downgraded to a tropical storm from a hurricane on Saturday. He says Floridians on the east coast can expect tropical-storm-force winds on Sunday, but they are not expected to stretch all the way to the west coast.

Tropical evening update August 1, 2020

Meteorologist Tyler Eliasen is watching Isaias closely and says though it has been downgraded to a tropical storm it could regain hurricane strength as it moves closer to Florida. He says the further west you go in the state, the less you will feel the impact of Isaias on Sunday.

Tropical Update

Meteorologist Tyler Eliasen says Hurricane Isaias is heading north and west up through the Bahamas on Saturday with the worst of the weather on the northern and eastern side of the storm. It is expected to hug the east coast of Florida on Sunday with hurricane warnings stretching from Boca Raton to the Volusia/Flagler County line.

Isaias becomes hurricane as it nears Bahamas: NHC

Tropical Storm Isaias knocked out power and caused flooding and small landslides across Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic on Thursday, then strengthened into a hurricane late in the night while moving toward the Bahamas and U.S. East Coast.  

Tropical Storm Isaias forms over Caribbean

Satellite data showed enough circulation and development for the National Hurricane Center to name the ninth storm of 2020, Tropical Storm Isaias, which may impact Florida this weekend.

Wednesday evening tropical update

FOX 13 Chief Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto provides the latest information on potential tropical cyclone 9, which could be named Tropical Storm Isaias later in the week.

Tropical update July 26

Meteorologist Dave Osterberg says the tropics are active. Tropical Storm Hanna is moving out of Texas and into Mexico as he watches another disturbance that has a 90% chance of becoming a tropical depression over the next five days.

Tropical update July 25

Meteorologist Tyler Eliasen says we are in an active stretch of hurricane season as Hurricane Hanna gets ready to make landfall in Texas. He says there are a few storms he's watching behind it, but none pose an immediate threat to Florida.