Tropical weather forecast: October 20, 2021

The tropics are quiet and expected to remain quiet over for the near future. FOX 13 meteorologist Jim Weber says we typically see a second peak in hurricane season toward the end of October, but right now, he does not expect any type of development over the next five days.

Today's tropical weather forecast

Meteorologist Jim Weber says Hurricane Sam is now post-tropical and there are not named storms at the moment. Activity will likely pick back up again, especially closer to the U.S. There is one area of interest in the western Atlantic right now but the NHC only gives it a 10 percent chance of development in the next few days.

Today's tropical weather forecast

Meteorologist Tony Sadiku says a tropical depression may form off the coast of the Southeast this week. Meanwhile, Hurricane Sam has weakened to a Category 3 hurricane, while Victor is down to a tropical depression in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Sam and Tropical Storm Victor Update; September 30, 2021

Hurricane Sam and Tropical Storm Victor remain out in open water and are not expected to impact land, according to FOX 13 Meteorologist Jim Weber. Hurricane season peaked on September 10 and Weber says activity tends to drop off quickly past that date. However, there is usually a smaller secondary peak during the second or third week of October and he will be keeping an eye on things.

Hurricane Sam and Tropics Update; September 25, 2021

Hurricane Sam strengthened into a category 4 storm on Saturday with winds of 140 miles per hour. It is moving west-northwest and will avoid hitting the Caribbean Islands. FOX 13 Meteorologist Tyler Eliasen says it may pose a threat to Bermuda next week, but will not hit the United States. Eliasen is also watching two other systems in the Atlantic that may develop over the next five days.