Tricks don't have to be tricky at Trick Dog U

Teaching your dog to sit, stay, and lie down can be hard enough - but throw in some tricks and you might need some help.

That’s where Trick Dog U can lend a hand. 

FOX 13’s Chip Brewster went to Hudson, Florida for a crash course in obedience with flare.

The woman behind the canine training academy, Lisa Morrissey makes it look easy, but she explained there’s definitely a trick to mastering these tricks.

At Trick Dog U, pups can be taught to chill out with cats, behave around kids, react to commands, scent training, plus basic and advanced tricks.

Believe it or not, Trick Dog U can also help you train your cat. Whether it’s basic socialization or advanced tricks. Kitties are welcome to attend classes.

For a full list of what you’ll find at Trick Dog U, visit