Trooper hurt while investigating deadly crash

There is a scar along North bound I-75 near River Road exit 191, that is a reminder of a deadly crash.

"We wanted to do our best to move everyone over to the grassy shoulder," said Trooper Ken Watson.

Trooper Joseph Angelicchi made that decision when investigating a possible DUI driver Saturday night.

"That is so we are not working in an area where there is faster moving traffic," Trooper Watson told FOX 13.

When he first arrived at the scene, Trooper Angelicchi found 63-year-old Michael Thorne of North Port had crashed into the guardrail.

His car was facing oncoming traffic.

Trooper Angelicchi wanted to move Thorne from the median side to the shoulder for safety reasons.

"When that trooper attempted to pull out and cross through the interstate a hauler with cars struck his patrol car," explained Trooper Watson.

The hauler threw the trooper's car into the median and through the guardrail. Trooper Angelicchi was seriously injured and his back seat passenger, Thorne was killed.

"There was front in and both sides. Not only was it hit by that trailer, but it was also struck on the opposite side by that guard rail when it was thrust in by the hauler," Trooper Watson described.

Behind the wheel of the hauler, Jorge Charry of Tampa, he was not hurt.

"What we are trying to figure out was what lane was he in? What violations were established, was there an opportunity for him to move over and was there any type of variable in this crash?" Trooper Watson questioned.

Troopers are also looking into Trooper Angelicchi.

They are trying to figure out if he didn't look before he pulled out or if his vision was blocked.

"It would have been very difficult because once you come over that crest had he already began to move with the inclement weather and the rain coming there is only so many things that you can do," said Trooper Watson.

Thorne's family told FOX 13 they are sad and grieving but they do plan to talk to an attorney Tuesday.

Trooper Angelicchi remains in the hospital in serious condition.