Video shows impatient dog honking car horn

An Australian woman’s adorable pug wasn’t going to wait any longer when she left him in the car during a recent kindergarten drop-off. 

Alicia Wakely who walked past the car and filmed the dog posted a video to Facebook on May 10. 

"Someone's #impatient #dog giving us a great #laugh this morning at kinder drop-off," Wakely wrote. 

She posted the footage to a local community Facebook group where the dog’s owner, Cara Lee Bosher, confirmed it was her pushy pug. 

The hilarious footage captured Kevin the pug honking the car horn urging his owner to pick up the pace. 

Bosher shared the video on Facebook of the impatient pooch laying all its weight on the horn.

Bosher shared the video to her own Facebook page, where she called his behavior "embarrassing" and explained how Kevin "toots the horn when he wants to leave."