WATCH: Shark leaps out of water near fishermen's boat

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Fishermen were fishing off the coast of Coquina Key over the weekend when they caught a Mako shark and then caught it on camera leaping out of the water. 

Ryan Hanks says it was toward the end of the day when he and his friend Jake Gruse, who was celebrating his birthday, were fishing. 

They had caught a tuna and were bringing out the tuna to make sushi, and when the fish blood went into the water, the men saw a shark fin behind their boat, Hanks said.

The shark swam up beside the boat and came out of the water where the fishermen got a good look at it. Then the shark took the bait the men threw out on the line and started swimming off with it. 

After a few minutes, the shark leaped out of the water and swam off. 

“It was a very unique thing to see that shark. It was pretty awesome,” Hanks said.

"This was the greatest most adrenaline pumping moment that I ever had in fishing," Gruse posted on social media. "It was a great start to my 27th Birthday! The airtime those sharks get is unreal!"