WATCH: Small dog chases bears away from Monrovia home

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A French Bulldog in Monrovia proved it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

The 5-year-old dog chased away two cubs on Friday, and it was all caught on the homeowner's surveillance video.

Jules the dog sprinted down, lunging toward one of the cubs. One bear got on its hind legs to defend itself and then both ran up the stairs.

"She's just 20 pounds of fury and she's 20 pounds of heart," said Fernandez.

Seconds later, the cubs jumped over the gate and left the property.

Fernandez has lived in Monrovia for ten years and says he's seen more wildlife in the area now than ever before. FOX 11 caught deer strolling up the street Saturday afternoon.

Fish and Wildlife officials say bears aren't interested in people or pets, they're just looking for food and water during the drought.

Fernandez is still nervous his dog might end up as a meal. He's frustrated the community doesn't do enough to keep bears away. He says some don't keep a close eye on their trash and others even feed the bears.

Fernandez showed FOX 11 video of cubs crawling out of his dumpster.

He says bears have attempted to slide open his young daughter's bedroom window, and that he's had to board the area.

He knows the image of his small dog chasing bears away will get some laughs, but Fernandez has a serious message for everyone.

"Don't feed the bears. Leave them alone. They are not your pets. They can kill you," said Fernandez. 

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