Wealthy businessman arrested in brick paver thefts

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After a 10-month grand theft investigation, Brooksville police arrested a third man connected to a brick paver theft ring valued at more than $200,000.

Police charged Nicholas Borgesano, Jr. Wednesday with grand theft, seven months after they arrested his father, Nicholas Borgesano Sr., on the same charge.

In February, an anonymous tipster alerted Flagstone Pavers of an overnight heist of brick pavers from their yard on Old Cobb Road, and the tipster also told management where to find their property.

The next day, Brooksville police and Pasco County sheriff's deputies found hundreds of pallets of pavers at NB Investments Enterprises -- a warehouse owned by Borgesano Jr. -- in Port Richey.

In April, police arrested Borgesano Sr. after connecting him to rented Penske trucks used to haul the pavers, according to Detective Tracey Schofield.

"Neither of the Borgesanos have told us what their involvement was or why they were involved in this," Schofield said.

As his investigation continued, Schofield said, based on Borgesano's bank and cell phone records, he found about 80 cell phone calls and text conversations with former Flagstone employee Kevis Spires.

He was arrested in May and admitted his involvement was "strictly about money," Schofield said; money in the form of a truck valued at $20,000.

Spires told investigators Borgesano Jr. gave him the truck as a down payment for access to the stolen pavers.

"Certainly they had a plan for them. We don't know what that is, but it really doesn't matter at this point because we recovered them," Schofield said.

Nearly all 436 pallets of stolen pavers were returned to Flagstone, although Schofield believes Borgesano Jr. used some of the pavers to construct a massive driveway and connecting patio at one of his waterfront Port Richey homes.

There is about $75,000 probably in pavers," Schofield said.

Both Borgesanos have bonded out of the Hernando County Jail. Spires has not.

Senior's trial starts next month. Junior will face trial next year.